Lodi United

Lodi United

Atheists, Secularists, Freethinkers, and Others United for the Separation of Church and State in Lodi, CA


Regardless of your religious beliefs, we hope that you will unite with your Lodi community and support a moment of silence.

Here are four reasons why the City Council should have voted for a moment of silence:

  1. The risk of a lawsuit is too great for a city that is strapped for cash and is already busy with too many legal battles.
  2. Lodi is a city of many religions, and allowing prayer -- which history shows us will be mostly Christian -- is a divisive decision.
  3. Prayer can stir emotions and ill will in those who have lived through persecution and seen the hate that many religious people foster. To many, prayer reminds them of excommunication from families, Prop 8, oppression of women, sexual abuse, and other examples of intolerance.
  4. Citizens who wish to pray have a multitude of venues in which they can do so. A tax-funded building, in a public meeting, for government issues, intended for all citizens is not a venue for prayer.

We believe that all Lodi residents should feel welcome at City Council Meetings. You can likely sympathize with those who feel uncomfortable when a prayer of a different denomination is given.

A Moment of Silence

We ask that - in lieu of the invocation - a moment of silence is placed on the agenda.

A moment of silence allows believers time to pray to their own, personal god, and others to reflect upon themselves and the world around them.


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